September 24, 2023
5:30 pm
Track(s): She Strikes, Wellness – Duration: 20 minutes In many societies, menstruation continues to be shrouded in secrecy and burdened bytaboos. This session aims to shatter the stigma surrounding menstruation and explorestrategies for tackling menstrual taboos head-on. Join us for...
September 24, 2023
9:56 pm
Track(s): Design, Branding, Marketing, Digital, Innovation , Duration: 40 minutes In an exciting first, Gianmauro Vella, VP & Head of Design at PepsiCo for Greater China,Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa, will grace the stage in Egypt with anenlightening...
September 25, 2023
8:10 pm
Track(s): Advertising, Wellness, Digital, Innovation, Health – Duration: 20 minutes Get ready for a thrilling journey into the heart of health communication with McCannHealthcare, the global leader in this critical domain. This talk isn’t just an exploration—it’sa celebration of McCann...