Shattering Stigma: Tackling Menstrual Taboos

Track(s): She Strikes, Wellness – Duration: 20 minutes

In many societies, menstruation continues to be shrouded in secrecy and burdened by
taboos. This session aims to shatter the stigma surrounding menstruation and explore
strategies for tackling menstrual taboos head-on. Join us for an engaging discussion that
delves into the social, cultural, and economic implications of menstrual stigma, and its
impact on individuals’ well-being and gender equality. Experts and advocates will share
insights on initiatives promoting menstrual health education, access to menstrual
products, and destigmatization efforts. Join this session to be part of the movement to
dismantle menstrual taboos and foster a world where menstruation is celebrated as a
natural and normal part of life.

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Co-founder & CEO
Mother Being
Event Details
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