C-S Ramadan Edition 16'
Television screens flickering, radios blasting and monstrous billboards taking over the city. People booing. People cheering. Arduous working hours. Briefs coming in and briefs coming out. Brainstorming sessions that never cease to end. Writing, rewriting, amending, editing and filming. Singled out by the masses as one raving mad individual, yet dubbed brilliant by your Creative clan.Welcome to the thrill, the drill and the wacky rollercoaster that is our everyday life of creatives. Ramadan is THE season in which Egypt’s entire creative industry is put to the test. The spotlights are turned on and the creatives are pushed on to centre stage, as they race to the top. It is that one single month when creative minds can show off and really get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The wait is almost over…Creatives, rejoice! The stage is almost set for our annual Ramadan Edition of Creative Industry Summit. Creative Industry is Egypt’s one and only hub for the creative ecosystem devoted to Egypt’s creatives and their work in advertising, marketing, design, film, photography, publishing, music, and business innovation. This vibrant one-day event will bring together the movers and shakers of the industry, including top creative directors, leading creative executives, brand and marketing managers, drama producers, digital experts and media buying agencies. Discussions will shed light on how these talented visionaries succeeded in standing out amidst the hodge podge of Ramadan 2016 creations. Why attend Ramadan Edition 2016? Ramadan Edition 2016 brings together creatives from the various stakeholders of ads, digital campaigns, and drama series to share their insights, discuss the ROI of their work, and teach the audience about how they managed to stand out during Ramadan 2016. Who will you meet at Ramadan Edition 2016? Our speakers and panelists line-up represents all the stakeholders of the Ramadan season, featuring renowned creative directors, top creative executives, brand and marketing managers, drama producers, TV channel managers, digital experts, and media-buying agencies. Who is this for? This event is for people who see, hear, think or talk “creative”. Attendees are selected through an online application that measures their relevance to the event. This event is mainly for: Marketing professionals, Advertising and creative professionals, Media professionals, Public Relations agencies, Business owners and entrepreneurs, Fresh graduates from creative disciplines, creative seekers in the career industries.
The design can change the world.
C-S Ramadan Edition 16' Speakers
Advertising and Communication Professional
Executive Producer and Founder of Stardust PR Agency
Stardust PR Agency
Network President
DMC Channel Network
Music Composer and Producer
Partner and Managing Director
PAM Media Services
Brand Manager
Mandolin & Moro