How to Leverage Design & Design Thinking to Unlock and Reinforce Brand Desirability & Brand Love

Track(s): Design, Branding, Marketing, Digital, Innovation , Duration: 40 minutes

In an exciting first, Gianmauro Vella, VP & Head of Design at PepsiCo for Greater China,
Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa, will grace the stage in Egypt with an
enlightening keynote speech. His talk will probe into the transformative power of design
and design thinking, showcasing how these tools can amplify brand desirability and
foster brand love.
Discover how to harness these creative strategies to forge a deeper bond with your
audience and solidify your brand’s identity. This inaugural Egyptian appearance and
keynote by Vella is an unmissable opportunity for any brand seeking to enhance its
presence and impact in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Event Details
VP & Head of Design PepsiCo Greater China, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
Event Details
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