C-S Ramadan Edition 17'
Ramadan is THE season in which Egypt’s entire creative industry is put to the test. It’s the season when the spotlights are turned on and the creatives are pushed on to centre stage, as they race to the top. It is that one single month when creative minds can show off and really get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Welcome to Ramadan Edition 2017: The THIRD Ramadan Edition of Creative Industry Summit! Every year, Creative Industry Summit holds its Ramadan Edition to reflect and share insights on the advertising, digital, and drama works of the Ramadan season.This year marks our THIRD Ramadan Edition. A vibrant one-day event bringing together the movers and shakers of the industry, including top creative directors, leading creative executives, brand and marketing managers, drama producers, digital experts and media buying agencies.Why attend Ramadan Edition 2017? Ramadan Edition is the only event where you can reflect and learn from the insights of Ramadan’s advertising, digital, and drama works. This is where you network with the teams/clients/agencies behind the ads and series you closely followed throughout the season.Who will you meet at Ramadan Edition 2017? Our speakers and panelists line-up represents all the stakeholders of the Ramadan season, featuring renowned creative directors, top creative executives, brand and marketing managers, drama producers, actors, TV channel managers, digital experts, and media-buying agencies.Follow our social platforms and website for speaker announcements. Who is this for? This event is for people who see, hear, think or talk creative! This event is mainly for:&nbsp.Marketing professionals, Advertising and creative professionals, Media professionals, Public Relations agencies</p> <ul> <li>TV producers, directors, and scriptwriters,Business owners and entrepreneurs, Fresh graduates from creative disciplines, Career seekers in the creative industries.
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C-S Ramadan Edition 17' Speakers
Music Composer
Chief Corporate Communication
Network President
DMC Channel Network
Music Composer AND VO Artist
Managing Director
Media Manager Mashreq & Maghreb
Breast Cancer Survivor/Actress
Head of Brand Advertising MENA
Film Critic, Festival Director
Chairman & CEO