About C-S

Creative Industry Summit
Since the first Edition we seek creating an impact that goes beyond the limits for the purpose of promoting creativity by showcasing thousands of speakers, presenting hundreds of hours, worth of content to shape the future of the Creative Economy cooperatively and practically. We create a space for our attendees from students to CEOs, to exchange and experience inspiring stories, as well as innovative ideas that turned into reality.

Business leaders and experts from a wide array of fields and industries utilize active participation and experiential learning to pass on the secrets and key insights of their trade or craft to students as they guide their growth.

Conferences & Festivals

Engaging and targeting multiple segments to expand the scope of creativity helping the growth of creative thinking skills and contributing in the creative economy.

University Popups

Inspiring talks, tailored event areas, and entertainment nights to prepare students for creative challenges in the real world and lighten up their educational journey.

Networking Nights

Golden opportunities for discussions and conversations that seal deals or open up new directions and ideas within the creative economy.

She Strikes

Women empowerment and mentorship program that highlights the influence and role of every woman within the creative economy in making a change and excelling at what she does.

“Let’s get creatively infused.” – Mai Salama

The Story of Building the First & Only Platform Encompassing MENA’s Creative Economy

It was 2014 when the Co-Founding partners of the Creative Industry Summit (C—S) shared the dream of elevating the Creative Industry in Egypt. Ideas and ambitions ran high. But their starting point was clear: bring the people of the Creative Industry—alongside the brands, entities, and individuals they collaborate with—and throw them an inspiring and stimulating conference!

Since their first conference, the creative minds of Egypt’s Creative Industry—from ambitious amateurs to global gurus—jumped on board. They built symbiotic relationships with one another and engaged with the industry’s most celebrated figures in a vibrant and stimulating environment. 

Early on, the summit’s influential figures included Egyptian Business Magnates like Naguib Sawiris, and even artificial guests like the globally famed and one-of-a-kind Humanoid Robot, Sophia!

But the dream continued growing, evolving, and actualizing…

Over nearly a decade of ardent endeavors, the C—S expanded its definition of success and augmented itself. It has now become the only platform and network dedicated to MENA’s Creative Economy.

After 13 Egypt-based and Regional Editions, C—S is dedicating its cumulative expertise and network to uniting the Creative Economy in harmony.


It stemmed from the realization that C—S, at its core, is all about nurturing, fostering, inspiring, stimulating, and celebrating human creativity

This human creativity is the driving force of the Creative Economy, which provides millions of jobs, continues to change how we live, and holds power to make or break us! 

Throughout its impact-led journey, C—S brought together thousands of speakers and presented hundreds of hours of content. It designed spaces for its attendees—from university students to CEOs—that are optimized for valuable and unforgettable experiences.

Akram Miknas, Tarek Nour, John Sally, Thomas Kolster, Ricky Babe, Herve Bizira, Sir John Hegarty, Sir Martin Sorrell, Rob Reily, Gabriella Lungo, Dana Griffin, Zack Dychtwald, Adam Elsharkawy, Hend Sabri, Amina Khalil, Ahmed Amin, Amr Salama, Wegz, Ahmed Dash, and Mariam Naoum are some of the outstanding guests C—S had from all over the globe as it grew bigger and stronger.