The Art of Idea Generation: How Entrepreneurs Can Spot Emerging Trends and Disruptive Technologies

Track(s): Startups, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Tech & AI – Duration: 30 minutes

In this dynamic session, we’ll delve into the art of idea generation, focusing on how
young entrepreneurs can stay one step ahead by identifying emerging trends and
disruptive technologies. Discover the techniques and strategies that can help you
navigate the fast-paced entrepreneurial landscape.
This session promises to equip attendees with the tools and insights they need to spot
the next big thing before it arrives. A must-attend for entrepreneurs looking to venture
into unchartered territories.

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Founder and CEO of Dirty Cookie
Dirty Cookie
Management consultant and founder of business بالعربي
Business بالعربي
Co-Founder & GM of Expansion
Khazna Tech
Event Details
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