Jingles – Kill or Keep?

Track(s): Advertising, Music, Marketing – Duration: 40 minutes

Join us for a lively debate that will strike a chord with creatives and filmmakers alike as
we dive into the contentious world of jingles in advertising. With a panel of Egypt’s
leading minds in the creative industry, we’ll explore the question: Should we keep the
jingle alive or is it time to lay it to rest? Expect a symphony of perspectives in this heated
discussion that promises to be as entertaining as it is enlightening.

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Head of Marcom
Etisalat by e&
Head of Agencies | TNA and DDB Egypt
Tarek Nour Holding group
Cheif Executive Officer
Bubblegum Advertising
Vice President of Juice and Foods
Beyti - an Almarai Subsidiary
General Manager
FP7 McCann


Co Founder & Executive Producer of Film DNA and Director
Film DNA
Event Details
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