Dina Abdelraheem

I am Dina Abdelraheem.
A freelance Executive Producer and also the Founder of my “baby” Film DNA “Production company”.
Very LONG story short

2006 started as a junior Ad
in features اوقات فراغ و ليله البييي دول (lucky enough I was still in college)

2008-16 AP-Senior Producer At The Producers Films
8 years with my fave family. Worked with a lot of interesting clients and amazing crew and did 2 features لامؤخذه و ورده

2016-20 Freelance Senior producer and started Directing.
Did few amount of work with work light film, keyfilm, Leoburnett agency & Nojara production
Directed couple of Ads and digital program about Ahmed hossam mido “MidoxAly” took around a year and half of work alone!

And NOW, I have launched my own company @film-dna

In addition, still in process,
started the first step of “connecting” filmmakers (the dream since 2017” for a better work environment for everyone)
All about:

  • Connecting Professional filmmakers together
  • WE Create union for each department
  • WE Create within each department the guidelines, salaries (Confidentially) and working hrs
  • Passing any guidelines/rules to everyone
  • Communicate guidelines with Clients
  • And more stuff to emerge along the journey

I have been always a fan of having a better world and just do good and will always come back to you!

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