Tamer Karawan

In 1998, Karawan’s first score was for Yousri Nasrallah’s El Madina in 1998, then Raafat El-Mihi’s Alshan Rabena Yehebak, Mohamed Khan’s Banat West El Balad and Fi Shaket Misr El Gadida, Osama Fawzy’s Bel Alwan El Tabieia

Karawan continued composing distinguished scores for renowned director Yousri Nasrallah’s films such as: Genenet Al Asmak, Ehky ya Shahrazad, After the Battle, and Bab Al Shams official Selection in the Cannes Film Festival

Karawan has also composed the music scores for several documentaries including Ostorat Rose Al Youssef by Mohamed Al Qaliouby in 2002, Ashekat Al Cinema by Producer and Director Marian Khoury, Tamer Ezzat‘s Kol Shi Hayb’aa Tamam (2005) and Makan Esmo Watan, Tahani Rached’s These Girls* and Giran in 2009.

In 2015 he composed the music for the film “Out of Order” ,directed by Mahmoud Kamel, receiving a music award in the National Cinema Festival. In 2016 he composed the music for Kamla Abu Zikry’s “A Day for Women” and Ali Edress’ ” The Other Land” both in the official selection of The Cairo International Film Festival.

Tamer has a distinguished repertoire in composing music scores for several television dramas and thrillers including Taht Al Ard, Zat, Al Zawga Al Thanya and Faraon, which were successfully screened in Ramadan 2013, in addition to Zai El Ward, Al Horoub, and Taraf Talet in 2012, and Al Mowaten X in 2011. In 2014 he composed the music for the popular TV Series “Women’s Prison” and in 2015 “Under Control” and “The Witch of the South”. In 2016 he composed the music for the TV series “Seven Souls” directed by Tarek Refaat.

In 2017 he composed the music for the epic historical television series “Sunset Oasis” directed by Kamla Abu Zikry.

In 2018 Karawan Composed the music for the TV Show “Disappearance”

In 2020 he composed the music for the Epic Military TV Show “The Choice”

Tamer Karawan studied Engineering at The American University in Cairo then studied music at The Royal School of Music. He worked as an editor at the British Broadcasting Corporation, and then a documentary director at Orbit Television Networks.

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