Hesham Soliman

Hesham has started his career in movie production in the late 80s, working with Youssef Chahine and Atef El-Tayeb. In his production credits more than 20 Films, and became one of the Egyptian individuals who made it to Hollywood by being the executive producer of Exodus: Gods and Kings starring Christian Bale.

Hesham also is the founder of the first Egyptian Cinematic meusum. He has been the production mastermind behind a wide array of the most popular Egyptian films covering all genres including Teer Enta, H Dabbour, Tito, Zaky Chan, 55 es3af, Zarf Tarek, El Basha Telmeez and Mido Mashakel.

In 2005, Hesham worked as a production manager in BBC Documentary on ancient Egypt, which was composed of 6 episodes all filmed in Egypt.

Hama Film Productions has been creating influential and award-winning commercials, TV shows, documentaries and movies since it was founded back in 2004 making it to be one of the top leading production companies in Egypt, producing unconventional and unique productions.

Hesham has been featured by Cairo Scene as one of the few Egyptian creatives that made it to Hollywood.

Hesham assumed the role of Network President, DMC Channel Network

More on: www.cairoscene.com/Buzz/15-Egyptians-Who-Made-It-to-Hollywood

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