Value in Values: How Sustainability Efforts Impact Company Valuation

Track(s): Sustainability, Innovation, Marketing, CSR – Duration: 60 minutes

Join us as we explore the true value of sustainability in today’s business landscape. This
session, will delve into the tangible impact of sustainability efforts on company valuation.
Meet leaders who helm global as giants and have made sustainability a cornerstone of
their strategic vision. They’ll share how their respective companies are navigating the
shift towards environmentally conscious practices, the challenges they face, and the
rewards of committing to a greener future.
This session is a must for anyone interested in the intersection of sustainability and
business growth. Don’t miss this enlightening exploration of the economic power of
sustainable practices, as told by those leading the charge in major multinational

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Country Managing Director
L’Oreal Egypt
CEO & Managing Director
Misr Italia Properties
Beyti - An Almarai Subsidiary
PepsiCo North Africa
Chairman and CEO for Nestlé Egypt & Sudan
Nestlé Egypt


Senior business and operations strategist
NBA Egypt
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