Mark Wyllie

In 2020, Mark Wyllie assumed his position as CEO of Beyti Egypt, the US$300m subsidiary of Almarai. Since then, he has been able to double the company’s sales to 2 billion pieces a year, making it the second largest business sector under Almarai, as Beyti turned from zero growth in 2019 to 20%+ growth during Covid-19 crisis through newly implemented strategic directions.
Mark Wyllie brings over 25 years of wide-ranging leadership experience as CEO, CFO, VP Corporate Finance at board level management in manufacturing and corporate environments ranging from 4,000-40,000 people at local and multinational scales.
His ‘mark’ remains the impressive turnaround experience in two Dairy and Juice JVs in the Middle East, doubling profitability through dramatic and visible leadership, team building and organizational restructuring. With extensive expertise in building and managing teams and functions from startup to multinationals, he focuses on delivering quick results through transparent and direct motivation across the whole organization.
Prior to joining Beyti, Mark has had a long successful career that abounds with records ranging from risk control and direction of a £100m set of Asian subsidiaries and joint ventures from China to Poland with UK Biscuits, to growing companies from $3M market cap to $300M, converting debts to profit in companies across the globe. He has, in addition, consulted, directed, and managed businesses and personal investments in SMEs and Renewable Energy among others.
Mark’s original studies spanned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science, Economics and Management at Hertford College, Oxford University, consolidated by various certifications in leadership management. He is also a fellow Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (FCCA).