The Business Impact of Driving Creative Excellence

Track(s): Cannes Lions, Innovation, Marketing, Awards, Creativity, Strategy – Duration: 20 minutes

Join us for an enlightening discussion led by Mohamed Aboelfotouh, Senior Director of
Consumer Engagement and Marketing Capability at PepsiCo. In this session,
Aboelfotouh will delve into the profound business impact of driving creative excellence
within an organization, drawing from his experiences and PepsiCo’s noteworthy
recognition at the prestigious Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.
Discover how creativity, intertwined with strategic innovation and insightful marketing,
can become a powerful driver for business growth. Learn how creativity can spark
innovation, leading to award-winning campaigns that engage consumers and
differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace.
Uncover the secrets behind innovative strategies that have led to industry accolades and
understand how to position your organization for similar success. This discussion is an
essential listen for anyone seeking to leverage creativity, strategy, and innovation for
business success and award recognition.

Event Details
Sr. Director of Consumer Engagement & Marketing Capability
Event Details
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