Balancing AI and EQ: Guiding the Creative Revolution

Track(s): Tech & AI, Innovation, Digital, Web3, Chat GPT, Robotics, Duration: 40 minutes

For the first time in Egypt, a representative from OpenAI, the parent company of Chat
GPT, is coming to convey a powerful message about the intersection of artificial
intelligence (AI) and emotional intelligence (EQ).
In the AI-driven creative revolution, balancing technological potential with our human
emotional intelligence is key. As we harness AI’s power, let’s use our EQ to guide
responsible use, avoiding biases and stereotypes, and shaping a future that truly reflects
our best selves.
In his groundbreaking keynote, Rodger Werkhoven will unveil exclusive, historical
AI-generated materials from his early days assisting OpenAI. These materials, kept
under wraps until now due to OpenAI’s careful approach, offer a rare insight into the
dawn of AI creativity.
Werkhoven asserts, “This is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the early days of
AI creativity and understand the journey we’ve embarked on.” Don’t miss this
extraordinary chance to witness a landmark moment in AI history, brought to Egypt for
the first time by OpenAI.

Event Details
From 2023 : Executive Creative Director on appointment of iO.
From 2022 : Ind. Creative Director on invitation of OpenAI.
Event Details
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