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Check Our 23' Speakers Lineup
Over the years, our summit featured various international leaders, industry movers and shapers, innovators and a variety of the greatest minds from all over the world. Checkout our roster for this years Annual Festival!
Vice Minister of Finance for Fiscal Policies and Institutional Reforms
Ministry of Finance
Jewelry designer and body piercer
DMJ World by Dina Maghawry
Peace Cake
Co-Founder & GM of Expansion
Khazna Tech
Head of Digital & Social Media
Fp7 McCann Cairo
Sr. Director of Consumer Engagement & Marketing Capability
Co-founder & Chief Culinary Officer, The Food Lab Egy
Storyteller, Cairo Food Week
Panels & Talks: 23' Agenda
Get inspired and gain insights from industry experts and thought leaders at our sessions in the 23' Festival Agenda. Explore a diverse range of topics, from arts and culture to innovation and sustainability, as our speakers share their wisdom and spark meaningful conversations. Don't miss your chance to be part of these engaging discussions that will broaden your horizons and leave you inspired.
September 25, 2023
6:30 pm
September 25, 2023
7:30 pm
Chief Creative Officer MENAP
Impact BBDO Group
From 2023 : Executive Creative Director on appointment of iO.
From 2022 : Ind. Creative Director on invitation of OpenAI.
Media Republic
CEO & Co-Founder
MO4 Network
Think Marketing
Editorial Director


Deputy MD
Dentsu MENA
Head of Creative Agency Partnerships and Creative Consultancy - GBS METAP
TikTok - Bytedance
Peace Cake


Tv And Radio Host / Actor
Al Motaheda for media services
Annual Festival 23' Itinerary
Welcome to the Creative Summit Annual Festival 23'! Explore our meticulously crafted itinerary, brimming with captivating events designed to ignite your creativity. Join us for an unforgettable experience of inspiration, innovation, and creative expression.
  • Workshops

    @ Consoleya
    @ MQR - Cairo Business Park

  • Registration
  • Start of Day 1

    Cairo Business Park:
    - Stages
    - Exhibitions
    - Activations
    - Workshops
    - Food Court

  • TikTok - MMS Party (Invitation Only)
  • TikTok - MMS Brunch (Invitation Only)
  • Registration
  • Start of Day 2

    Cairo Business Park:
    - Stages
    - Exhibitions
    - Activations
    - Workshops
    - Food Court

  • Closing Party
  • McCANN Health Cairo Launch Reception (Invitation Only)
  • Cannes Lions Breakfast (Invitation Only)
  • C-S X MO4 Party (Invitation Only)
Explore C-S 23' Workshops
Our hands-on learning experiences cover a wide array of topics, from art and innovation to personal development and beyond. Dive in, explore, and expand your horizons as you engage with expert instructors and fellow enthusiasts. Join us in shaping new skills and sparking creativity at our vibrant workshops.
Brand Partners
We are cooperating with some of the most innovative and leading companies in the sphere today standing by our side. Additionally, our partnership is with some of the leading companies that added a long-term brand value to our ecosystem base, and our collaboration is extended to the best experts in their own fields to enrich our content with Content Con, El Batron, Cinematech, and so much more.
About Creative Summit
Since the first Edition we seek creating an impact that goes beyond the limits for the purpose of promoting creativity by showcasing thousands of speakers, presenting hundreds of hours, worth of content to shape the future of the Creative Economy cooperatively and practically. We create a space for our attendees from students to CEOs, to exchange and experience inspiring stories, as well as innovative ideas that turned into reality.
Conferences & Festivals

The biggest happenings of our year, where all key pillars unite in an unforgettable experience.The biggest happenings of our year, where all key pillars unite in an unforgettable experience

Training & Development

Workshops, mentorship programs,
 masterclasses from experts, entrepreneurs and disruptors to all individuals and organizations within the Creative Economy


Tailored programs to targeted communities to aid, develop, advance and accelerate their skills. Example of our Programs She Strikes & Youth Programs

Networking Events

Your gateway to uncover new 
 business opportunities and create 
 purposeful partnerships, all while
 enjoying yourself

“A BODY that fuels the Creative Economy”

With not only an Annual festival but all year long activities

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