Ahmed Ebeid

Founder and Managing Director of RMC Worldwide Partners with a wide range of clients in different business segments. In 2002 upon the founding of RMC, he had a dream of establishing a professional Egyptian Marketing Communications Company that could one day reach International levels.
He believes that RMC’s dedication to it’s clients and the aim to do whatever it takes to make them excel in their business or service is what differentiates RMC from other agencies.
He is a big believer in Business ethics and manners and complete transparency with His clients & suppliers.
In 2016, he had a dream of putting back Egypt on the cultural scene & started the initiative of “Reviving Egypt’s Cultural Excellence” through producing a series of up class & premium entertainment events.

September 2011 – September 2013 : Elected in the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of Worldwide Partners as the first Arab in the world’s largest independent advertising network to represent Europe, Middle East & Africa.
September 2013 – September 2015 : Re-elected in the BOARD OF DIRECTORS Worldwide Partners to represent Europe, Middle East & Africa.
August 2015 till now : As an eminent and respected African actively engaged in positively shaping the African narrative through his work, Ahmed Ebeid from Egypt was selected as a member of the Africa Brand Counsel.

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Speaker Details