Lina Fateen

Lina is an AUC graduate, class of 1997. She majored in Business Administration, with a minor in Psychology. She learned a lot in AUC, not only through her fields of study, but more importantly through her extracurricular activities, which were a lot, and also through the AUC CAPS coordinated summer internship programs, which is actually how she started her career in advertising.

Being a Business Administration major, she was expecting to work in marketing, but in the summer of 1995, she got an internship in an advertising agency, at the time called TMI Cairo (currently JWT Cairo), which she accepted in light of the fact that she got no marketing internship opportunities. Not because she really wanted to, or because she knew anything about advertising to begin with, but because it was the only opportunity available.

She joined the advertising field in 1995, as an intern in TMI Cairo, rotating among the various departments in the Agency. It was a huge learning experience, and she really got to understand what advertising is all about, and she got hooked. The internship was repeated in the same agency, in the summer of 1996, this time in the TV Production department. In the summer of 1997, just after graduation, she joined the agency full time. And she never left the advertising field ever since. Not only that, but she would never actually imagine herself working in any other field, in spite of the fact that she got offered marketing posts in very reputable multinationals several times across the years. She always refused. She is an advertising person, and this is her real passion.

She stayed in TMI Cairo from 1995 up to 2002, working on a multitude of businesses and accounts, and jumping from one level to another, until she reached the post of Regional Account Director on Unilever Mashreq. For a brief period she joined Leo Burnett, but that was only a period of 5 months.

Later in 2002, she joined FP7/CAI, as an Account Director. That was 13 years ago. She has been there ever since, again moving her way up from Account Director until she became General Manager in 2007. Her role now extends beyond business handling, to a more focused role on people development, reputation, culture, thought leadership and setting a forward vision for the Agency and following it through.”

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