Hassan Abouelrouss

Hassan Abouelrouss is an Egyptian actor, singer and comedian born November 7, 1988. He received training and attended numerous workshops both locally and internationally before taking on the acting and singing world.
Abouelrouss first discovered his passion for singing & acting at school where he learned to play the Oud, Drums and Rebab at a very young age. He started his career in advertising as a director of TV commercials which he treated as 30-second movies before venturing out to music, film, and other forms of narrative art.
Known for his outlandish outfits and savvy career moves Abouelrouss utilized his twelve years of experience in the entertainment industry to successfully collaborate with some of the world most acclaimed directors including Mohamed Khan, Yousry  Nasrallah, Kamla Abu Zikri, Sherif Arafa, and Hassan ElGretly. Aboelrouss’s positive approach and strong work ethic has enabled him to work on some of the region’s biggest television shows and films with names such as Adel Emam, Ahmed Helmy, Nelly Karim, and Laila Eloui.
Abouelrouss’s first pivotal exposure on a film set was with Mohamed Khan, known for his unique perspective on portraying everyday life in Egypt, Khan mentored Abouelrouss’ through his role in Qabl Zahmit El Seif (Before the Summer Crowds) in 2015 and it was shorty after that he fell in love with the craft of storytelling.
The following year Abouelrouss manage to garner another major name under his belt working with Palme d’Or nominee Yousry Nasrallah on Al Ma’ wal Khodra wal Wajh al Hassan (Brooks, Meadows & Lovely Faces). Abouelrouss was thrilled to work in close proximity with extremely gifted and experienced actors on a highly anticipated project.
After honing his craft during his previous experiences on large projects Abouelrouss was eager to learn from working on a passion project in 2018 when taking on a role in Balash Tbousny (Kiss Me Not) a mockumentary about a girl contemplating a kissing scene in an increasingly conservative society.
Abouelrouss has attended various acting and preforming workshops in Egypt with Luke Leaner and Khaled Diab, as well as multiple skill workshops such as a clown workshop in Europe. He had the opportunity to travel the world as part of the Gretly Theater Troup from 2008 to 2014 performing in theater plays and festivals in Jordan, Tunisia, Belgium, Germany and the prestigious Avignon Theater Festival in France.
Abouelrouss ventured to music after securing a spot as one of Egypt’s rising stars with Kolonia 3al Gar7 in 2016. Shortly after he released Ya Negm Ya Star, a song dedicated to Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah, which was awarded Best Music Video on a Social Media Platform by Broadcast Dubai in 2018. The following year Abouelrouss released a celebratory song titled Alo Ya Tokyo in honor of Egypt qualifying for the World Cup for the first time in over a decade.
Followed by the success of 100 Wesh during Ramadan 2020 Abouelrouss unleashed his new song and video “Chicalastic” with Amir Eid & El Madfa3geya. Directed by award winning artist Ghada Wali Chicalastic ‘s video is an artistic journey to Abouelrouss’s fantasy world filled with quirky eye catching visuals. This is Hassan’s second collaboration with “El Madfa3geya” after having previously worked with them on the theme song for B100 Wesh (Multifaceted) “Millionaire” which remained at the top of the charts all summer.
Abouelrouss had many inspirations growing up including Johnny Depp, Ahmed Mekky, Fouad El-Mohandes, and Ahmed Zaki. He credits his admiration for these individuals’ great artistry and devotion to their craft for his bold career shift from architectural engineering to show business back in 20. He also was able to substantially grow as an actor by working with Kamla Abu Zikri during the shooting of B100 Wesh (Multifaceted).
Year Title Director
2010 Nour Einy (The Light of My Eyes) Wael Ehsan
2015 Qabl Zahmet El Seif (Before the Summer Crowds) Mohamed Khan
2015 Men Dahr Ragel (Born To A Man) Karim El Sobky
2016 Al Ma’ wal Khodra wal Wajh al Hassan (Brooks, Meadows & Lovely Faces) Yousry Nasrallah
2018 Balash Tbousny (Kiss Me Not) Ahmed Amer

Year Title Director
2014 El 3amaleya Messi (Operation Messi) Ahmed Manaweshi
2018 Awalem Khafea (Hidden Worlds) Ramy Emam
2018 Lel Hob Forsa Akhira (Last Chance at Love) Manal Seafy
2019 Carmen Hussein Shawkat
2020 B100 Wesh (Multifaceted) Kamla Abu Zikri
2021 Bent El Sultan Ahmed Shafik

Year Title
2009 Kol Youm Gam3a
2016 Kolonia 3ala Gar7
2018 Ya Negm Ya Star
2019 Alo ya Tokyo
2019 Kefaya Eni Ma’aya
2020 Chicalastic
2021 Kol El Nas

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