September 24, 2023
12:27 am
Track(s): Fashion, Sustainability – Duration: 30 mins Unravel the threads of sustainable fashion in this fireside chat and examine what it trulymeans to be sustainable in a world where everyone’s boarding the ‘green’ express.Is sustainability just a trend, or a...
September 25, 2023
5:30 pm
Track(s): Fashion, Mental Wellness – Duration: 20 minutes Engage with the intriguing domain of fashion psychology with Yasmina Nessim, founderof pstyled and the first business-oriented fashion psychologist. Yasmina’s innovativework interlinks fashion, mood, performance, and self-expression.In this keynote, Yasmina will share...
September 25, 2023
5:55 pm
Track(s): Fashion, Photography – Duration: 30 minutes Ignite your imagination in this fireside chat featuring luxury fashion leaders and artistsessential to the industry.Venture into the artistic labyrinth of these creators who see the extraordinary in theordinary. Uncover the alchemy of...