Yara Yassin

Yara studied product design and social business between Egypt and Germany.
She always had passion in combining design and community, believing that change happens when both collide.Right after graduation, she worked for International Organization for Migration to empower women living in remote areas through product design. It’s this 7 month experience in a small village in Upper Egypt that proved her that she is only passionate about sustainability and women empowerment. Then in 2015 she co-founded Up-fuse ( which was her pre master project already in 2013). For 10 years now, Yara has been full timing at Up-fuse, co-growing it from a DIY Plastic bag recycling into a successful business, supporting more than 80 artisanal women from the garbage city in Cairo. The business is not only raising environmental awareness but also helped in upcycling 1,350,000 plastic bags and counting. Proving that ideas can turn into profitable business with resilience and Passion.
Yara has represented women from the Middle East in Several World bank Events. She was awarded by the UN Environment among 10 young women from around the world who help in a greener future.
Yara has represented Start-ups in Green business in OSCE 2019 conference to help support the allocation of budget for start-ups.
Yara’s passion for green economy, social empowerment and product design are her everyday fuel to take another risk, fail, learn, achieve or start over.

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Speaker Details