Yara Yassin

Yara Yassin, co-founder of Up-fuse.
Yara has graduated from Applied Arts and Science from the German University in Cairo in 2013. After graduation, she got enrolled in the International Organization for Migration to empower women through product design. She has found her passion for sustainability and social empowerment ever since. Later, Yara joined the DO SCHOOL in Germany to study Social business and how to support communities with business fundamentals. Yara has represented women from the Middle East in Several World bank Events. She was awarded by UN Environment among 10 young women from around the world who help in a greener future.
Yara has represented Start-ups in Green business from around the world in OSCE 2019 conference to help support the allocation of budget for start-ups.
Yara has been interviewed by forbes, insider and Cnn on Up-fuse and the progress its made in Egypt’s social business landscape.
Yara’s passion for green economy, social empowerment and products are her everyday fuel to take another risk, fail and succeed.

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Speaker Details