Ahmed Elgabbas

Ahmed started his career at Elgabbas Tanning Group, a pioneer
in the leather industry and one of Elgabbas family projects in
Cairo, Egypt. In 2002, Ahmed underway the journey of wearing
a few hats in the Elgabbas organization from operations all the
way up to managing the executive council of R&D.
In 2012, Ahmed joined Ulysses Capital Partners based in New
York as a member of the negotiation team and fund raiser using
his network to access high net worth individuals and sovereign
funds in the Middle East. Ahmed closed several transactions
exceeding $300MM with Ulysses in sectors such as Maritime in
Greece, waste management, food and beverages, fashion and
hospitality projects and developments in the United States.
In 2014, Ahmed established TreadStone LP and TreadStone
Management with partners in Dubai and Kuwait bridging the
Middle East and Asia with the Americas. TreadStone was an
independent advisory and assets management firm. TreadStone
partners have gained years of operational and financial
experiences working in both the United States and the Middle
East markets. TreadStone served as the ultimate platform for
cross transfer of knowledge and capital between the Middle East
and the United States.
In 2017, Ahmed moved back to Egypt joining the Elgabbas family business to seek his core passion in Leather and fashion. Ahmed rebuilt the finishing department combining his updated knowledge and education to create and fill
the gap in the market by presenting high end quality with
fashionable designs. In 2019, Ahmed introduced the
Leopelle concept which is basically creating and designing
genuine leather for furniture and handbags collaborating with designers in New York to the local and international markets.
In 2022 Ahmed complimented the interior scene by presnting Leopelle+ for luxurious leather products. In 2023 leopelle penetrated the fashion wold by bringing leopelleMode to the light revealing fashionable appearl in an extraordinary designs all in full genuine leather.
Ahmed holds a Baccalaureate degree, Bachelor of business in
Economics and Management from October University
in Cairo, Egypt. Ahmed Postgraduate education included Master
of business administration (M.B.A) in Finance and investment
strategies from the University of Toledo in Ohio. Ahmed is a lean
six sigma holder in process improvement and efficient
methodologies of business. Ahmed maintained his education in
Fashion Design, Leather innovations, real estate, Investment
Banking, Underwriting, and Project Management.
Ahmed joined and served Rotaract and Rotary clubs in Egypt
serving the community and the youth, and was a member of the
youth board at The Federation of Egyptian Industries helping
developing small businesses in different sectors. Ahmed
Currently a member of Arab Bankers of North America (ABANA)
and Family Office Association.

Speaker Details
  • Country
    Egypt, USA
  • Job Title
    Creative Director
  • Company
    Leopelle, Leopelle+, LeopelleMode, Leopelle US
Speaker Details
  • Country
    Egypt, USA
  • Job Title
    Creative Director
  • Company
    Leopelle, Leopelle+, LeopelleMode, Leopelle US