September 24, 2023
9:24 am
Track(s): Web3, Advertising, Art, Photography, AI, Innovation – Duration: 30 minutes The NFT frenzy has simmered down, leaving an echoing question: Were NFTs just apassing trend, or is there more beneath the surface? Although the hype seems dead,NFTs or at...
September 25, 2023
6:15 pm
Track: Film, Cinema, Storytelling, TV – Duration: 30 minutes For the first time in Egypt, the filmmaking virtuoso and director of Marvel’s SecretInvasion, Ali Selim, will be taking the stage!Selim talks about his journey from directing commercials, documentaries, and musicvideos then...
September 25, 2023
7:50 pm
Track(s): Tech & AI, Film, Photography, Digital, Art, Filmmaking – Duration: 50 minutes