The Future of Art, AI & Digital Ownership

Track(s): Web3, Advertising, Art, Photography, AI, Innovation – Duration: 30 minutes

The NFT frenzy has simmered down, leaving an echoing question: Were NFTs just a
passing trend, or is there more beneath the surface? Although the hype seems dead,
NFTs or at their core, blockchain technologies and smart contracts are being more and
more integrated into the tech we use every day. Blockchain technology enables digital
ownership in a secure and trustless manner which opens the door to countless
opportunities for artists.
In this panel, we bring together three artists with different mediums who are harnessing
the power of Web3 and NFTs to reach new audiences and create a new experience for
collectors. Together, Dix, a 3D and digital artist, Waleed Shah, a photographer, and Dina
Fahmy, a mixed media artist walk us through their journeys into the world of Web3, how
they got started, the key lessons learned, and the challenges they faced.

Event Details
Event Details
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