Unleashing Growth Potential: Nurturing and Sustaining Event Brands for Long-Term Success

Track(s) Entrepreneurship, Events, Innovation, Branding – Duration: 40 minutes

Step onto the stage with Egypt’s top event management maestros and delve into the
captivating world of event brands. Each panelist stands out with a distinctive success
story, excelling across various industries.
They’ll unpack the challenges and triumphs of building and sustaining successful event
brands in Egypt, discussing strategies from ideation to execution and long-term brand
growth. They’ll cover the nitty-gritty of brand identity, audience engagement, strategic
partnerships, and much more.
This panel offers a treasure trove of insights into the dynamic event landscape in Egypt,
equipping you with practical strategies to elevate your own event brand. It’s a
must-attend session for anyone aiming to creating unforgettable gathering.

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Founder of Narrative PR Summit, and MD of CC Plus and Flair Magazine
CC Plus
Founding Partner
Creative Industry Summit
Founder & MD
RMC Worldwide Partners


Editor in Chief
925 Egypt Magazine
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