The Human Side Of Innovation

Track(s): Innovation, Design, Branding – Duration: 40 minutes

Meet Mauro Porcini, PepsiCo’s inaugural Chief Design Officer, for a captivating
exploration of innovation. Making his first stage appearance ever in Egypt, Mauro will
share wisdom from his book, “The Human Side of Innovation.”
Renowned for leading PepsiCo’s design-led innovation across its myriad brands,
Mauro’s influence has earned him and his team over 1,700 awards. In this session, he
will delve into the essence of designing for the human experience and its transformative
power on products, events, and more.
Mauro will share his philosophy that real innovation is an act of love and empathy,
always prioritizing human needs.
Through a blend of personal narrative and inspiring insights, Mauro will emphasize the
importance of creating personal and social value before financial gain. He will showcase
the role of “unicorns”—individuals who champion human needs—in the innovation

Event Details
SVP, Chief Design Officer
Event Details
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