The Cannes Lions Experience: Opportunities For Brands & Agencies

Track(s): Cannes Lions, Advertising, Marketing, Innovation, Awards – Duration: 30 minutes

Engage with Nicola Tillin, Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at LIONS, as
she illuminates the diverse experiences that Cannes Lions offers to brands and
agencies, and the extended value Ascential provides beyond the Cannes landscape.
Tillin, with her 25+ years of management experience in B2B publishing & media, will
delve into the transformative power of Cannes Lions as not just a festival, but as a
catalyst for creative innovation. She’ll explore how Cannes Lions, under the Ascential
umbrella, serves as an invaluable platform for collaboration, learning, and inspiration.
Additionally, she will shed light on Ascential’s role in enabling smart decision-making for
businesses through their specialist information, data, and analytics services, including
the insights and intelligence provided by WARC.
This session is ideal for anyone looking to understand the synergies between
world-class festivals, insightful information services, and their collective impact on
shaping brands and agencies in the modern business landscape.

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SVP & Chief Revenue Officer
Event Details
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