Media Integrity in the Digital Age: Battling Misinformation and Disinformation

Track(s): Media, Digital, Broadcast, News, Content – Duration: 40 minutes

In an era of fast-paced digital media, the spread of misinformation and disinformation
poses significant challenges to society. This session delves into the critical topic of ethics
and accountability in modern media, focusing on how to address the growing problem of
misinformation and disinformation. Experts from various fields will discuss the impact of
false information on public discourse, the rise of fake news, and the ethical
responsibilities of media organizations, journalists, and content creators. The session will
explore innovative approaches and technologies, including AI-powered fact-checking
tools and media literacy initiatives, that can empower individuals and communities to
navigate the complex landscape of information and combat the harmful effects of
misinformation. Join this session to gain valuable insights and contribute to the ongoing
discussion on fostering a responsible and trustworthy media ecosystem.

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Media Republic
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MO4 Network
Think Marketing
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Event Details
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