The Internet is Evolving, So Should Your Brand!

Track(s): Web3, Innovation, AI – Duration: 30 minutes

In today’s world where every pixel, swipe, and interaction is an integral part of our digital
journey, the future beckons with immersive experiences and the promise of digital
ownership. At the forefront of this transformation are Gen Z’s and their craving for a
better experience and everything digital.
Web3 is the evolution of the internet, where you’re not just a user but an active
participant. Web3 brings decentralization, security, and countless possibilities. This panel
discussion will shed light on how businesses and brands can leverage emerging
technologies like Web3 to elevate their brand value and foster deeper customer
engagement. Web3 and marketing experts, Ahmed Bassiouni, founder of Mirai3, Ahmed
Fahmy founder of Vanilla Social, and Ahmed Yousry, founder of Asmrica, will take you on
a journey by first explaining web3 and its potential, and then giving concrete use cases
for businesses. The panelists will then share their views on the future of marketing using
Web3 tools such as NFTs and the Metaverse.

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Managing Director
Asmrica Advertising Agency
Venture Partner
Founder & CEO
Vanilla Social Media INC.


Innovation Strategy Executive
MO4 Network
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