Ahmed Ezzat Fahmy

Ahmed is a dynamic entrepreneur with a proven track record of success in various industries, including the telecommunications sector working with the telecom operator Orange, where he began in customer experience and progressed to business planning. During his tenure, Ahmed demonstrated strong leadership skills and contributed to the growth and success of the company.

Currently, Ahmed is the founder of Vanilla Social Media INC., a company that aims to challenge traditional notions of ownership and value by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. His Massive Transformative Purpose is to inspire a future where creativity and technology are harnessed to connect people, create meaningful experiences, and transcend boundaries.

With extensive hands-on experience in consulting services for projects valued at more than $110 million, Ahmed has established himself as a sought-after mentor and leader in the digital marketing and Web 3.0 industry. His areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, marketing, digital marketing, Web 3.0, NFTs, strategic planning, leadership, and customer experience.

Ahmed holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing, which he completed in 2009. He is actively involved in empowering and inspiring emerging leaders and entrepreneurs as a mentor at Singularity University, EO, and a group coach at Hive Global Community for Leaders & Entrepreneurs. Ahmed is also an active member of NEXUS Impact Investing Entrepreneurs.

As a sought-after speaker, Ahmed has shared his insights and expertise at various international events, including NFT.NYC, Startup Path in Romania, Hive Global Leaders & Entrepreneurs, Startup Grind, SingularityU San Diego, SingularityU Cairo, and Egypt Career Summit. He has a passion for driving innovation and success in business, We saw his picture up on the iconic #TimesSquare billboards as one of the featured speakers for #NFTNYC2023 ! A truly great and surreal experience that he is beyond grateful for 🙏.

In addition to his accomplishments, Ahmed has created Vanilla NFTs, a platform that empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to convert their products and services into digital assets through NFTs. This platform aims to enable the next generation of digital marketers and creatives to leverage NFTs and emerging technologies, fostering a more collaborative, innovative, and visionary future.

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Speaker Details