Waleed Ads

Waleed Ads is the founder and CEO of YallaPay, an online payment gateway rising company that facilitates the payments for both merchants and customers.
Waleed is also currently a managing partner for Cairo office IN4MA.com.IN4MA is an”interaction management platform” Waleed boasts an extensive background of over 12years in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, UI/UX consultant and payments – having worked for a number of Multinational Companies in the Middle East and was always passionate to start his own business and after a lot of market study he launched YallaPay in
Waleed is an MBA holder for Business InformationSystems from Latrobe University, Melbourne, Australia and an AUC Alumni.
Hit him up with questions, he loves that and he got some interesting stories to tell on how he started his journey to being kidnapped for 14 days to be leading one of the most prominent payment facilitators in the market.

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