Timmy Mowafi

Timmy Mowafi is a British-born Egyptian entrepreneur, writer, creative director, and co-founder of MO4 Network, a leading Middle Eastern creative agency and media network which includes digital platforms CairoScene, CairoZoom, SceneNoise, SceneEats, ElFasla, StartUpScene, SceneTraveller, SceneEats, SceneHome, SceneNow and web 3 publication NFTYScene. Over the course of the last decade Mowafi has developed marketing strategies and content for some of the world’s leading brands such as Red Bull, Uber, Four Seasons and more, and produced feature documentaries featuring some of the region’s biggest artists.

Fascinated with the technologies shaping the future of the creative economy, in 2021 Mowafi founded NFTY Arabia, a marketplace and launchpad dedicated to empowering creatives, artists and brands across the region to unlock value through NFTs.

Outside of work Mowafi is an avid football fan, fantastic cat dad, and mediocre husband. He is best stored in a cool, dry place.

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