Tamer Mahdy

Film Director | TAMER MAHDY
Co-founder / Executive Creative Director (MAHDYS agency)

Studied Mechanical Engineering, ended up as a Film Director .. and ALL that’s in-between has been a FUN RIDE that has made Mahdy one of the top Commercials Directors in the region and best known for his musical hits!

His fun ride includes; Making a “TODO”, coaching VAN DAMME, inventing a “Tabla-meter”, chaining a dragon, encountering Dog-headed humans, Aliens landing in Morocco, killer-clowns, stray Ogre attacking cars, Dinosaur wrestling with a Mech, chicken-recruits, Wild West gangsters, a talking syringe, escaping a Chinese kung-fu master, Commedia dell’arte street-performers, a dream-box pianola, shooting puzzling twins as mirrors, Mafia secret meetings, steampunk factory ran by genies, a mom killing a dad, a fencer crashing a wedding, ‘women-in-black’ living in a man’s shadow, taming Football Divas, mega-celebrity extravaganza, Broadway-like sets, car chases, stunts, choreography rehearsals, mega CGI challenges, joining Cannes short-film corner, music videos, writing songs, ‘ego-centered’ making-of videos, shooting endless musical commercials around the globe!

.. oh, and, most importantly, failing 3 times in playing guitar !

Mahdy is currently working on the ‘blueprint’ of his first feature-film and is thrilled to be venturing soon into a new territory!

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