Tamer Habib


Tamer Habib is a distinguished Egyptian Scenarist, he proved himself since his first movie “Sahar El-Lialy” which became a benchmark in cinema, after that he started his new style of mixing romance with reality in a maaaagical way. He made cinema different from that made by others of his generation since the beginning of the new millennium – comes after that the movie “About love and Passion” then his movie “Taymor and Shafiqa” in 2007 besides TV drama.

His works talk about tangled emotional and humanitarian relationships specially among social groups. In “Sahar El-Lialy” the relationship was honest, in “Loving Girls” was about sisterhood and in “Taymor and Shafiqa” it was the search for love and romance.

The best thing that distinguishes Tamer’s scenarios is the dialogue and the good selection of strong vocabulary that touches the recipient deep inside, making good use of his ability to present his movie stars in their most important scenes which will be kept in the cinema’s memory.

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