Sundos Al Ayoub

It came naturally that Sundos found herself in the fashion field, especially that it was an inherited talent from her mother that she is able to sketch out ideas & design clothes, but being a fashion stylist is what she’s holding on to.

Starting many years back, styling fashion shoots for publications,events & fashion shows, she suddenly had a moodswing and quit to move into fashion retail.

It didn’t take long until she realised that fashion styling is her comfort zone, and with the business side of her retail experience, she found herself moving back into the loop again. But this time specializing in advertising fashion styling. Being able to put things together, form a perception and leave it for the viewer to accept it through garment is definitely the fuel behind it all.

She enjoys wearing comfortable clothes, doesn’t believe that every stylist needs to be a fashion mogul, but must be able to express through style what fashion really is and what could be.

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