Sallam Salah

Meet Sallam Salah, Senior at Kuwait Food Company (Americana).

Sallam is a digital strategist who has developed and delivered over 100 online marketing plans with giant media publishers and companies in Egypt. He is also a Social Media Marketing Expert who has managed over 50 social media & Digital Marketing Projects In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Throughout his work experience in Marketing and Advertising with a demonstrated history of working in the food & beverages industry along with agencies background. He’s self-skilled in creative content production, creative writing, scriptwriting, visual arts, and more.

Sallam is also the owner of @SallamSalah page community where he shares some humour content guideline-free and build a strong based community consists of more than 300K followers and he reaches more than 20M video views on Facebook.

Speaker Details
Speaker Details