Rania Ghalwash

Rania Ghalwash, Projects development Unit
at Lead Marketing Solutions
Ghalwash has a passion to every detail of Live Communications, she has managed to navigate her career to be delivering the NOW with FORWARD THINKING.
With expertise in the holistic essence of Marketing Strategies, her main focus has become creating experiences from Inception to Realization. Across the years her focus was on manifesting Mega Events, Cultural Experiences, Concept based brand activations, while ensuring that the brand and marketing strategies are being met.
Her work as a Marcom Consultant has allowed her to maintain business sense while focusing on the overall structure of scaling and adding value in the array of her work.
Ghalwash has worked on the management of numerous projects in different marketing disciplines and across different industries, working with the World Youth Forum, Unilever, Suez Canal area development project, GIZ LMAP program, Coca-Cola “Trophy Tour”, Pepsico’s 100 years’ anniversary and Etisalat.
Ghalwash is a meticulously annoying detailer, content fanatic, curation enthusiast, logistics maniac; she “always thinks” that she can survive swimming blind folded in a sea full of sharks. Her absolute favorite inexplicable type of job is when she is thrown in the middle of nowhere, being allowed to frame things and integrate different plans while Project Managing the “Impossible” with the motto of “I GET THINGS DONE!”

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