Nellie El Enany

Nellie El Enany is an Assistant Professor in Management and Organisation at the School of Business in The American University in Cairo. Nellie has supported entrepreneurs in a range of industries for many years, including entrepreneurs from low-income communities, refugees and students aspiring to be entrepreneurs.
Her research interests centre on issues of identity, including identity construction, stigma, legitimacy and identity work. She examines these concepts in various settings including among entrepreneurs, the poor, refugees, and in the corporate world.
Reflecting her passion for teaching and learning, her research also extends to the student learner identity and experiential and action learning pedagogies, including drama-based pedagogy and the use of podcasting for learning and assessment.
Nellie has a keen interest in mental health which extends to her teaching practices at The American University in Cairo (AUC) and externally in her consulting work with corporates. In parallel to her academic life, she is training to be a psychologist and volunteers in community-based therapy programs. In her free time, she is a civil society coordinator for stray dogs in her area and has her own community initiative to raise awareness about stray dogs and their sterilisation and vacation and how to interact with the natural environment. Nellie enjoys cycling, recycling other people’s rubbish and all things art related.

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