Nehal Leheta

Karim El Hayawan and Nehal Leheta, Cofounders and principal designers of Design Point studios Interiors & Architecture. Specializing in high end residential, landscape and commercial projects, as well as set design, event design and product design.
The studios’ diverse design ethos stems from the diversity of the founders interests, in addition to founding Design Point Studios-in Cairo in 2002, Leheta is also the author of the award nominated Cook book Authentic Egyptian Cooking from the table of Abou El Sid. Passionate about food and all culinary experiences. With a blue ribbon from Cordon Bleu, she is inspired and intrigued by different cultures, using their influences in her designs as well as her culinary ventures
El Hayawan is continuously inspired by his hometown Cairo, relentlessly seeking visual vocabulary that defines the complexities of the ever-expanding urban metropolis; he began to develop his photography under the mentorship of Alaa Abdel Naby of Reuters.
 Ultimately,photography serves  as  his  narrative  tool  to  reveal  commonalities  in collective experiences of life, with the key theme of his work being the concept of “universal metaphors”.
 His work has been exhibited at the “Contemporary Arab Photography Biennale” at the Institut Du Monde Arabe inParis,  The Grid Cape Town Biennale in South Africa, the off-Biennale in Cairo titled “Something Else”, Abu Dhabi Art at Hafez Gallery, Cite Internationale Des Arts Paris, Art D’Egypt and Darb1718 in  Cairo, in  addition  to the Egyptian pavilion at Dak’art Biennale. His work has been featured in numerous publications throughout the region.

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