Mohammad ElKhaldy

Mohammed Al Khaldy, a Syrian Chef consultant was born in Damascus in 1980. His passion for cooking started in childhood. War drove El Khaldy to flee to France, where his Middle Eastern dishes found favor with Parisian diners.
He succeeded in integrating Syrian tasteful plates with a modern European touch, and he created some unique plates of his own recipes.
El-Khaledy has won at an international festival held in France recently, the award
of Best Refugee Chefs in the World.He won with his partners “Event of the year” award in The World Restaurant Awards. Also, held a lot of events all over the world in London, Scotland, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid. Gave lectures about the Arabic kitchen, Immigration food, and major international companies.
Because of El Khaledy’s remarkable global success, the Paris municipality
decided to put his picture at the entrance of the Louvre Museum and in the “Republic” square in honor of his efforts and for being the fastest Arabic chef who integrated into French society and achieved a breakthrough in the
integration of cultures.
In 2016, he started catering for huge famous events like Fashion week in Paris, Foundation Carmignac, Kenzo and Paris City Hall.
Later on, in 2019, He has been chosen in the Taste of Paris as one of a 40 influencing chef all over the world.

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