Mohamed Al-Ajami

Mohammad Al Ajami is Chief Executive Officer of Al Quiyadia Group – the principal investment group responsible for strengthening the region’s position as a world-leading technology destination and commercial hub.
Under his mandate, Al Ajami oversees Al Quiyadia’s Investments and all of Group’s corporate subsidiaries, and he is also the founder of Integrated Development (INTDV),Software Development company infusing AI technology.
Prior to which he had gained extensive experience within the private sector in Investment Banking and Consultancy. Al Ajami bridged the gap between business and technology when he stared managing the Investment Arm, developing systems to integrate public and private requirements with technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence. INTDV is one of the portfolio companies of the Investment Corporation of Al Quiyadia and is facing as a company builder for other multiple subsidiaries launching under the group’s name.
Al Ajami holds a Finance Management Degree From King Saud University – Al Riyadh

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