Mary Adib

Senior Director of HR & Operations at Gemini Africa and a Director of HR at Alfa Electronics where she is also an executive board member.
Mary offers consultations in the fields of human resources, leadership and change in various corporates and is a leader for companies’ transformation. She is an instructor in HR and motivational leadership.
With special interest in youth and making a difference, she plays an active role in the entrepreneurial scene by providing various forms of support through participating in developmental programs targeting startups as well as offering one-on-one coaching to young talents in self-development, leadership, work place ethics and building teams.
She also dedicates some of her time in business development activities with a strong belief in matchmaking to be able to connect startups and youth with the right players and opportunities. Mary believes as well in the importance of traditional and digital marketing to be able to reach out to the right audience, study their needs and offer them the services and support schemes that would help them take their ideas and their endeavors to the next level.
Mary led a diversified work experience of 20+ years in the fields of electronics engineering, software development, human resources management, business and operations management, entrepreneurship and leading teams.

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Speaker Details