Marwan Younis

Celebrity Bio

Creative Director, social media sensation, entertainer, creative writer and musician, Marwan Younis is considered one of the leading creative minds in the advertising industry. In addition to the various talents, the awardwinning creative took the entertainment scene by storm as an online entertainer and social satirist.


With an organic reach of over +740,000 followers on Facebook alone and millions of views, Younis has gained acclaim for his raw videos tackling social issues in a sarcastic manner. Known for his spontaneous rants – famously shot in one take – commenting on trending topics and in other cases setting his own trends, his videos are praised for being natural, insightful and approachable. Younis who cleverly finds new ways to keep his fans engaged always leaves them eager for more and his highly demanded videos are not rolled out frequently causing his fans to push for a dedicated show.

Social Media Insights

Majority of his followers lie in the A and B+ class segment with a good balance of ages and genders. +748K followers on Facebook

+200K followers on Instagram

+35K subscribers on YouTube

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Speaker Details