Manal Negm ElDin

Manal is a subject matter expert at E-Business. She started
E-Business Career since 2003. She is working at her family
Business for 17 years now, a company of 27K employees
started by her grandfather 54 years ago. She is managing a team of 500 people at Elaraby. She established the E-business department at Elaraby 15 years ago.
Also, she established their E-commerce portal, and she set their digital marketing strategies. She established an e-learning portal for employees training and development at Elaraby.
She also contributed on different projects, related to marketing, sales, PR, and CRM. Currently she is the head of digital and Omnichannel at Elaraby group. Also, She is a lecturer at EU business school. She do mentoring on different ventures and startups .
She is an expert at:
E-commerce /Digital strategic Planning / team leadership / omnichannel/ trade marketing/ Telesales/ customer centric/
Process Improvement /Relationship Management / mentoring/
project management / marketing management/ change management / products marketing / online advertise
team building / integration /analysis / digital media /
brand management /CRM/ mobile marketing / content marketing
communication online PR/ PR/ e-learning /
knowledge management/ online operation and monitoring /
intranet & extranet/ online entrepreneur/ mumpreneur.
She holds 3 MBAs, MBA in E-Business from Eu Business School,
MBA in communication & PR from EU business school, and
MBA in Business administration from Roehampton University
UK. Currently, she is a DBA candidate at EU Business school,
Geneva. She is a public speaker, trainer, mentor, and women empowerment.
She published different articles, and papers about E-business at different professional websites, and university website

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Speaker Details