Khaled Hammad

Khaled Hammad is a music composer, director, and a producer. He graduated from TheHigher Institute for Music Conservatoire in 1995 then he joined the Higher Institute of Cinema, directors department and graduated in 2000. He directed many documentaries and short feature films such as: عبدالله والبحر، عليك واحد، شجرة التوت

Hammad started his career path composing music for the graduation projects of the Higher Institute for Cinema and for TV programs and ads. In addition to his career as a composer and a director, he worked in the fields of mixing, dubbing, and production services for cinema and TV.

He also established the website “Egy film” as a platform specialized in cinema and TV news in 2011 then produced a print magazine of the website. Hammad is a member of the Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers of Music (SACEM).

Khaled Hammad is famous for the music of many hit Arabic movies such as: ضحك ولعب وجد وحب – صعيدي في الجامعة الامريكية – العشق والدم – همام في امستردام – شورت وفانلة وكاب – بلية ودماغه العالية– رشة جريئة – فيلم ثقافي – اصحاب ولا بيزنس – غبي منه فيه – امير الظلام – اللي بالي بالك – بوحة – التجربة الدنماركية – رحلة حب – بحبك وانا كمان – كلم ماما – صاحب صاحبه – حرب أطاليا – أفريكانو – معالي الوزير –55 اسعاف – عمارة يعقوبيان – كابتن مصر – عنتر ابن ابن شداد

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