Hussein El-Minabbawi

Graduated from law school 1999. And High Cinema Institute ( script Writing Section ) 2004 Had a couple. Of workshops in script analysis and CGI in. 2004-2005 Started my career as a filmmaker in 2003 .. I was assistant director in TVC’s and Movies , i’ve worked with many Egyptian and foreign directors till 2008 From 2008 till. Now I started directing some TVC’s and Music videos and I joined some feature films and TV series as a second unit director.
In 2010 I had a great chance to Co-direct 1st 3d project in Egypt (ليلة و ليلة الف – ( it was. 10 min promo produced by Aroma -. And finally we got the chance to watch our. Egyptian starts with 3d glasses .
I had the chance to produce some projects , channel identity for On TV (the old one) and 7 documentary films for sky news
In 2014 I directed my first Tv Series تنازلي عد
in 2015 I directed my first feature film اجزاء شد and a documentary about Sufism called مدد
In 2016. I participated as a second unit director in Tv Series الشبهات مستوي. فوق ، القبة افراح
In 2017 I directed Tv Series الدنيا حلوة
And now i’m about to shoot my second film as director\script writer الخشخاش زهرة

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