Hoda Lasheen

Hoda Lasheen,
Founder and chief designer of
Hoda Lasheen Design Studio
And HL Object Design

Graduated from business school
Got the diploma in interior design in London
Started career in 2000, and learned a lot by being on sites hand by hand with the workers until got the opportunity to open the design studio in 2006.
Designed many homes and commercial spaces in Egypt and the MENA Region

In 2015 launched Hoda Lasheen Ltd Design Office in London

Known for “Shape Shifting Artist”

We change any space or object in an unexpected creative way to suit the spirit and the lifestyle of the customer. Energy, culture and nature are our main elements for each design.

Crafted by Nature was awarded first place winner at Society of British and International Designers , SBID product design category in 2020

Winner the Bronze Award in A’Design on Simply Creative Residential House in 2019

“YOUR SPACE IS YOU” is our slogan

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