Henar Sherif

I studied and graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria university, interior design department, class of 2013.

From 2013 to 2016 I worked as a teaching assistant at the faculty.
In 2015 I co-founded O Art studio with my business partner Adel Essam, a media production house based in Egypt, we do fashion shoots, celebrity and personal shoots, magazine covers, music album covers, music video production and any photography related to social media campaigns inside and outside Egypt with clients in Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and USA.

In 2016 I resigned from the faculty to dedicate my time and effort to photography, as it was where I found my passion.
Currently I work as a photographer and art director through my agency, O Art studio.

Mid 2022 I discovered AI generated art and started experimenting with it, I loved the process and was immediately attached to it.
I start by working on a concept, researching the subject and its history and how it was approached by different artists through the years.
I translate the subject into keywords, I input the artistic style/school I want to work with, provide it with artistic and historical references, the elements of the age or time era I’m working on, my preferable color palette, and construct the composition for the shot, what’s in focus and what’s not, camera lens, depth.. etc.
I keep working with different variables until I get the best result.
Afterwards I take the results to photoshop for post production, retouching and final refinement of the details.

I’m planning of merging my AI work with my photography work, currently studying the best way to approach this.

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