Heba Arafa

A strong believer that the energy of people is the driving force, Heba Arafa has passion for customer centricity and people to build a winning brand, always seeking storytellers with drive that can move mountains to be part of her team. Heba is a leader in telecom marketing with a wealth of 12 years of experience in different positions across Vodafone’s Marketing department. Considered a homegrown talent having been first enrolled in Vodafone as a summer intern, and joining shortly after graduation from The American University in Cairo ‘07 with a degree in Business Administration, Marketing concentration.
Heba has played an integral role in shaping Vodafone’s segmentation strategy launched in 2014, a key driver to Vodafone’s growth to a clear 1st market position over a course of 4 years, in addition to re-defining Ramadan’s success by introducing the record-breaker ‘Family’ recharge card in 2015 that became a market category seasonal community proposition over the past 5 years. In 2016, Heba orchestrated Vodafone’s 4G launch plan to the market until its official announcement. Following then Heba stepped up to the role of Head of Consumer Segments in October 2017, defining Vodafone’s game changing No.1 commercial strategy, during which she succeeded in cementing Vodafone’s leadership position winning a new record on market share with a turnaround story in 4G adoption. In September 2019, Heba assumed the role of Head of Brand and Communications responsible for Marketing Communication, Media & Production functions focusing on shaping Vodafone’s brand purpose and redefining its communication strategy with digital transformation in mind.
During COVID-19’s onset phase, Heba was keen to have Vodafone in the forefront bringing its brand purpose to life by launching Vodafone’s Stay Home initiative that focused on 3 tracks: social support, core connectivity, and entertainment. Extending Vodafone’s purpose to Ramadan full-fledged campaign with the headline of ‘Millions Together’ executed through a 100% remote shoot from Cairo to Manchester, Vodafone’s brand role of connecting Egyptians came to life.
Having been raised in the Middle East’s melting pot – Dubai, Heba believes that experiences shape one’s identity, during her free time Heba enjoys traveling around contemplating cultures or simply soaking in sunshine with good company.

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