Gehad Abdalla

Having studied architecture for two years and graduated from the Arab Academy with a major in Logistics, although not an integral part of the realm of fashion, Gehad Abdalla has always had a great interest and an unrivaled eye for the latest trends and styles. Gehad entered the realm of fashion through modelling for a range of local designers and from the outset of her career, she always knew that her passion for the industry lay not only in the finished masterpiece of a shoot or look, but in the assembling and composition and thus she began her journey to becoming a celebrity and fashion stylist.

With the launch of eniGma Star – eniGma magazine’s sister Arabic celebrity publication – Gehad left the modelling world behind and became the publication’s exclusive fashion editor and stylist. Styling and coordinating shoots, Gehad put together some of Cairo’s most diverse and visually appealing celebrity and cover shoots. The success of her styling lead to her becoming a hot commodity in the region’s fashion industry, as celebrities began requesting her for expertise, making her current portfolio predominantly celebrity.

Adding to her distinguished reputation, this fashion lover began her next project as the stylist and segment producer for a TV show in Abu Dhabi, airing on Abu Dhabi TV. Throughout the six months of filming, Gehad also worked in advertising with top multinational agencies in Egypt such as FP7 and JWT along with clients such as Nestle, CocaCola, Vodafone and many more.

With skills ranging from modelling and styling to producing and advertising, it is no wonder Gehad Abdala has become the stylist to the stars. Now, Gehad begins the next facet of her career and is set to leave her mark on the fashion scene of the MME region by joining MO4 Network as Head of Fashion.

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